Smart Components

Both the cost and complexity of IoT has meant that deployments in housing have been limited to trials, with disappointing resultsIoT is one of many layers which can help the housing sector project into the future, but it is a long way down the current list of priorities most of our customers are faced with. 

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Without addressing the layers in the right order, IoT deployment will continue to be limited to trials, or irresponsibly mis-sold to the sector.

Unsurprisingly the option to trial IoT with LoRaWAN has meant organisations are in control of coverage and as an open source technology stack, the cost of entry is much lower than Sigfox or NBIoT. However, trialing on free infrastructure like The Things Network also comes with its own significant reliability issues and has pushed IoT into the 'not quite ready' pile.

Enter bimdl. LoRa Network Server - an enterprise ready LoRa network server FREE and entirely dedicated to UK registered social landlords. Registered Social Landlords can now point both existing and future LoRa gateways to our enterprise cloud infrastructure, to securely and reliably passport their IoT data back to any data storage they choose. Devices and gateways are considered smart components and will be mapped against COBie compliant BIM as per the core bimdl. offering, ensuring accurate spatial context can decorate IoT data for future processing and analytics to provide a complete overview and finally make sense.

Our LNS is dedicated to registered social landlords (only) who wish to point their LoRa data back to their own hosted environments (Azure/AWS etc). This is an open LoRaWAN standard and can be hosted either on the gateways or in a cloud instance like ours, we do not charge for, or sell services around this.

Should HA's choose to use other market ready IoT services they are free to do so, and their time sensitive events can be presented in context to the facility they belong to in bimdl., and posted to the Ledger. An example of this would be smart meter data published from the DCC network. This could also include devices managed by Daizy / Aico / Switchee etc all interacting in exactly the same way.

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