New partnership with PfH giving HA's easier access to transformative technology

We're excited to announce our recent appointment as a social housing emerging disruptor, on the pfh framework. With a combined buying power of £100 million this is great news for HAs. Organisations now have access to our product via Procurement for Housing and can onboard properties to the platform, safe in the knowledge pfh has covered the procurement groundwork, making it even easier to start benefiting from Bimdl´s technology.

Bimdl has evolved as a direct result of working with a housing association cohort, identifying the key issues facing the sector. Conversations continue with HA´s and tenants to fully understand and respond in a measured and innovative way. Ensuring all stakeholders have an equal voice, is key to our platform, working in partnership to provide a comprehensive view of stock. Utilising this collective intelligence, Bimdl's ledger disrupts legacy systems, using blockchain technology, taking ownership of data back and creating a transparent single source of truth about your stock. Permitted parties have the opportunity to correct data discrepancies and leverage knowledge about the state of stock from the tenants who actually live there. As technology activists we are proactive in a changing market, disrupting the sector and making rapid progress to address the wider environmental, social and economic issues impacting society.

Bimdl's value is evident from sign up (free to onboard your first 200 properties), initially it can be run alongside existing systems, allowing you the opportunity to experiment with the intelligence available and the full capabilities of the platform, operating in a safe and secure environment before making a full commitment. As a socially responsible organisation, we've purposefully kept our pricing to a minimum, with a primary focus on a better standard of living for all, we see no value in providing a system that is complicated and expensive to use. Registered landlords only start to pay when you want to draw down the data held on the ledger.

how to find and claim your stock on the Bimdl platform

Bimdl's platform provides a fully digitised overview of stock and components, in a ´Golden Thread´ of intelligence, completely designed for independent use. Our customer success managers are here to help with initial sign up, to help you get the best out of Bimdl, but our platform is built to be straightforward and intuitive to use.

Want to know more about our transformative technology? Click here to see what we already know about your stock.

Onboard your first 200 properties for free and start 2022 with a more informed and transparent view of your stock.

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