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Updated: Mar 24


Ricardo is part of the team bringing Bimdl technical capabilities to life, we caught up with him to find out a bit more about him and his time at Bimdl so far.

Welcome to Bimdl, tell us a bit about yourself

Hello. I´m originally from Maracaibo, Venezuela.17 years ago my wife and I got the opportunity to move to the UK, we decided to take the risk and have been here ever since. A few months after our arrival I started working as an Adobe Flash Developer, a job I held for 7 years. During that time we managed to buy our first home in the UK through a First time Buyer Scheme. Not long after, we also bought the small print shop where my wife was working. With a young family and the imminent decline of Adobe Flash I decided to leave my job and help my wife manage the print business. However, during this time I kept myself busy learning other programming languages such as Java and C++ and worked on personal experimental projects. More recently my continued appetite to learn new things led me to focus my attention on Machine Learning, I have now learnt the basics of Python, data and its related technologies. All of which can be applied to my role at Bimdl.

What’s your role in the team?

I’m currently working on developing the Frontend of our platform, using ReactJS as our UI framework. React is great because it allows us to develop small reusable components as well as having a rich library of packages that help turn around concepts very quickly.

remote work environment

Why did you decide to join the team at Bimdl?

After a couple of meetings with our founder Leon, he inspired me to work on the Bimdl project. It´s a great opportunity to influence change, as well as giving me the chance to grow personally and professionally. I’m new to the field of Machine Learning but Leon saw my interest in it and said ´come and join us, you can learn on the go.´ How could I say no to that!

What’s been the highlight so far?

The challenge. We are constantly improving and evolving our tools and platform, every day there is something new we need to solve and develop. The platform is constantly evolving and maturing into what we believe is a comprehensive solution to help our users take ownership and manage their items on the ledger.

original drawing by Ricardo

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