Meet the Team: Anna Williams-Gardner


Anna recently joined Bimdl, we caught up with her to find out a bit more about her and her time at Bimdl so far.

Welcome to Bimdl, tell us a bit about yourself

Hello! I started freelancing for Bimdl after a chance conversation on a beach in Portugal, before moving to my current role. The last few years have seen me freelancing, working in the education sector and setting up my own business. Prior to that I worked in marketing and advertising both client and agency side. I don't claim to be a tech. expert but the insights gleaned from data, that technology facilitates, fuels both my creative and inquisitive mind and I learn quickly when necessity dictates! I am an advocate of communicating and knowledge sharing, never underestimate what the person next to you has to say - good or bad!

In internal meetings I am often the voice of the not so tech savvy user, whilst emerging technology fascinates me from a consumer point of view, the coding and more technical side is definitely best

left to the experts in our team! This works pretty well with the team as my view of the platform's capabilities is very much from a wider consumer perspective. An activist at heart, having worked for both big brands and smaller organisations in my 20+ years of marketing, developing and implementing integrated campaigns across a wide range of industries, from promoting Tarantino films to marketing industrial gases! My most recent experience in the education sector encouraged me to delve deeper into the social issues facing the world. I passionately believe it is our shared responsibility to address the issue of social exclusion. I'm excited to be part of Bimdl from its infancy, using the latest technology and crowdsourced intelligence to create a more transparent view of the world, so everyone can have a safe environment to live in. The tech side is a steep learning curve for me but the activist part comes naturally! For my part, working at Bimdl is giving me the opportunity to use my marketing expertise to bring a product to market that has far reaching consequences.

What’s your role in the team?

I head up marketing, bringing the Bimdl brand to life and to the attention of the world. I see part of my role as ´ translating the tech.´ so all users of the platform have a clear understanding of how to use it to its full potential. I've experienced first hand working with organisations where red tape and legislation threaten progress, Bimdl´s technology breaks down some of the bureaucracy. My aspiration is for everyone to recognise Bimdl as being synonymous with social inclusion, we are dedicated to finding solutions to both business and social issues, in and around the built environment. One of our core values is collaboration and that is exactly how we work, as a team, and the ability to collaborate within the platform makes us a unique proposition for our users.

Why did you decide to join the team at Bimdl? I wasn't planning on moving from the freelance world any time soon but when I talked to Leon, our founder/CEO, about the Bimdl product, it made absolute sense and fired up the activist in me. There are many issues in the world we live in and if our work can help to tackle the prejudices and inefficiencies in the built environment it will go a long way to progressing positive environmental and social change. Having a safe and sustainable place to live is a human right, but we are very aware some properties fall short on many levels.

What’s been the highlight so far?

The positive feedback we´re getting from all walks of life when we talk about Bimdl. It validates that this really does have a sense of purpose and everyone can get involved. That and having a beetroot burger for breakfast, midway through our week at Web Summit - definitely a first for me!

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