Digital transformation - daunting or empowering?

When deciding how, where and when your organisation is going to digitally transform the task in hand can seem daunting but the first question to ask is - Is now the right time?

Digital transformation comes in many different forms: cloud; machine learning; IoT; blockchain; and although true adoption requires a certain amount of disruption, consideration needs to be given to the order of play.

Social housing is already playing catch-up in terms of digital reform but emerging technologies are here to disrupt the marketplace and, if adopted, will leapfrog some of the digital lag and advance the sector.

Pending legislation, increasing housing waitlists, decaying legacy stock - all these point to now being the right time to transform - but how will digital transformation really help the day to day struggles within the sector?

Is the technology worth it? What are the actual costs of implementation? How does it impact and disrupt current operations and processes?

These are all valid questions that require consideration when making decisions.

Bimdl uses private blockchain and whilst immutable ledger technology can provide the sector with much needed transparency, the press surrounding the environmental impact of blockchain still needs explanation - private blockchain doesn't consume nearly as much energy as crypto mining blockchain and subscription service companies such as Azure, AWS etc. are all adopting sustainable practises to support the overall cause.

We see digital transformation of the sector as a mountain of opportunity - from cleansing and validating current data to predictive learning and big data output. This is all achievable within the social housing sector - taking a path one camp at a time.

To find out more about how bimdl can support your journey to digital transformation, get in touch and we’ll happily answer any questions you have on the road to adopting emerging technology.

Society is on an ever advancing digital journey with interaction and collaboration at its core. With the right tools we can all be part of this empowering journey.

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