Social Landlord Beta Programme!

This is a unique and exclusive opportunity for registered social landlords to be an integral part of our technology platform’s future development. Whether you’re a thought leader, a visionary, an innovator or purely driving for more efficient ways to get the work done, by joining our 3 month beta programme. You will be one of the first in the sector to use our cloud based SaaS platform which acts as an interface to an overarching blockchain infrastructure, owned and controlled by property owners and their occupants. We have built the technology stack and are now looking for early adopters to ensure the wants and needs of the social housing sector are met in full.


Do you want to have complete trust in the data you hold on your properties?


Do you want to know more about the sustainability of your stock - both facilities and components within?


Do you want to prioritise tenant inclusion and are you prepared to leverage their support?

Bimdl´s cloud based SaaS platform allows you to:


  • cleanse the existing data you hold 

  • share knowledge and request information between permitted stakeholders eg: tenants and maintenance, in a safe and secure environment.

  • meet COBie compliant BIM obligations

  • access EPC data in one clear view, to better understand the sustainability of stock

  • profile existing stock and potential new builds, drill down on location, amenities, demographics and assist in land and property acquisition to meet demand.

These are just a handful of benefits our platform can offer your organisation.

Join a growing cohort of social landlords and be part of our 3 month beta programme to help determine the terms of engagement and ensure Bimdl´s platform is used to its full potential.

Programme Member Benefits

Customer Success

Dedicated customer success support from sector specific personnel 

Forums & Events

Access to exclusive innovation forums and cohort round tables

Data Retrieval

Assistance with data retrieval from internal and external sources


Tailored technology deployment frameworks for IoT , BIM etc

Platform Support

Priority platform support and dedicated tech chaperone 

Intelligence Reports

Sustainability, tenant inclusion, homes fit for UK habitation claims etc.

Onboarding and activating your entire stock on the Bimdl platform gives users access to data in a single source of immutable truth. Using this optimised data you can then prioritise the deployment of projects; from tenant inclusion, to maintenance scheduling, to new builds, to net-zero transition and as a consequence, provide a more informed and sustainable approach to both preserving legacy stock and components, and understanding how data can have a positive impact on the future development of your organisation.

Register for the Social Housing Beta Programme below